Stop Sprawl with
Sustainable Agriculture



Measure F starts from a simple idea. If you want to stop sprawl and protect agricultural land and open space in Ventura County, then agriculture must be economically viable.

The Yes on Measure F campaign submitted 30,300 signatures to the Ventura County Registrar of Voters on May 27th to qualify the initiative for the November ballot. To join our campaign please complete our online form or call 805-620-7182 or send us an email to today!

Measure F:

thumbupWritten by local farmers

thumbupPromotes water infrastructure projects, giving farmers a sustainable source of water

thumbupCreates jobs and reduces truck traffic by allowing local farm products to be processed locally

thumbupUp for review in 2036; 20 years is the right timeline for a new look

thumbupRequires an analysis of the economic impacts to the county by 2026


yes-f-no-c-logo-72dpi-01Measure F versus Measure C – Click here to learn more