Measure F has been endorsed by the Tri-Counties Central Labor Council, representing 70,000 members in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in California.

Membership Organizations

VC Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business – Membership includes 250 farmers, ranchers and agricultural support businesses countywide.

VC Agricultural Association – Membership consists of  farmers, packers, shippers, labor contractors, nurseries, and agricultural related businesses countywide.

VC Cattlemen’s Association – Membership consists of ranchers, farmers and agricultural support businesses countywide.

California Women for Agriculture Ventura County – Members consist of farmers, farming advocates and consumers.

VC Economic Development Association – Members are part of the local business community throughout Ventura County.

Chamber of Commerce Alliance of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties

Ventura County Lincoln Club

Ventura Chamber of Commerce

Oxnard Chamber of Commerce

Oxnard Chamber of Commerce PAC

Camarillo Chamber of Commerce


News Organizations

Pacific Coast Business Times


Individual Supporters

Josh Alamillo
Rich and Bonnie Atmore
Andrew Barton
Marlene Bell
Jan Berk
Leo Berry
Beverly Bigger
Art Bliss
Barbara J Brown – teacher, Ojai Unified School District
Lorrie Brown
Patty Brown
Hosie & Laura Burke – Del Gratia Ranch
Sherry Cash
Elaine Cavaletto
Sol Chooljian
Tim Cohen – Rancho Temescal, LLC
Chris Collier
Ann Cooluris, Cooluris Ranch Co.
Tom and Charlotte Crocker
Tom Crocker – Ventura County Cattlemen’s Association
Suzy Cummings
Bob Davis
Beverly Denicola
Margo Ferris – McGlothlin Ranch
John Ferro – Seacoast Cooling, LLC
Robin Finnerty
Alex Flores – Future Farmers of America
Jessica Freeman
Amy Fukutomi
Amy Fukutomi – Oxnard Lemon Company
Joe and Sherie Gibson
Tag Gilbert
Brad Golden
George Graham – Graham Ranch LLC
Valerie Grant
Danielle Greenup
Matt and Rondi Guthrie
John and Angie Hecht
Paul & Debby Heron
Camille Hunter
Patty Jenkins
Kathy Jenks
Susan Josue
Monica Karl
Craig Kiahara
Melinda Kiahara
Gordon Kimball – Kimball Ranches
Margaret Kimball – Kimball-McPherson Ranch
Michele Kirby
Elizabeth Lake
John and Carol Lamb – Camlam Farms
Susana Lamb
Jane Lax
Nancy Lindholm – Oxnard Chamber of Commerce
Jeanette Lombardo – CA Food and Agribusiness Advocates
Jennifer Long
Patrick Loughman
John Macias
Nikki Haynes Magee
David Martinez – Marz Farms
Mark and Jennifer Masterson
Katherine Lamb Mays
John McConica II – McConica Ranch
Sally McCormick – McCormick Farming
Brianne McGrath
Colin McGrath
Dan McGrath – RH McGrath Ranch
Judy McGrath – Helm Ranch
Phil McGrath – McGrath Family Farms
Marianne C. McGrath
Mary McGrath – JD McGrath Farms
Richard McGrath
Roger McGrath
Misty McNamara
Frank and Tressa Mills
MaryAnne Mobley
Mike Mobley – Progressive Land Management, Inc.
Mark Mooring – Buon Gusto Farms
Stacy Nickel
Tom Pecht – Pecht Ranch
Sean Paroski
Larry Pender – Jubilee Honey Bee Co.
Richard Pidduck
Josh Pinkerton – Pinkerton Ranches
Jack Poe – Kirschbaum, LLC
Tina Rasnow – U4EA Ranch
Marsha Rea
Rob Roy – Ventura County Agricultural Association
Charlene Sakioka
Gary and Diane Seacord
Vincent, Laurie, Victoria and Vincent II Servin
Doug Shaw
Bud and Kim Sloan – Sloan Ranch
Joe Stayton
Dustin and Nicole Sullivan
Mary Taylor
Alex Teague – Limoniera
Brandon Theising – P.W. Gillibrand
Dorcas Thille
Craig Thomas – McLoughlin Ranch
Fred Van Wingerden – Pyramid Flowers
Charles and Laurie Vanoni
Rita Vanoni
Fred and Margaret Vibbart
Gary Wartick – former Economic Development Manager, City of Thousand Oaks
Andy and Heather Waters
Jane Donlon Waters – Donlon Ranches
Josh and Jessica Waters
Patty Waters – Waters ranches
Sonya Webb
Giselle Yeatman                                                               


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