Who We Are

Measure F is being supported by and was written by Ventura County famers. Supporters also include local, respected community leaders, small businesses and residents who appreciate agriculture and the tradition of farming in Ventura County. In the face of unprecedented challenges, Measure F is vital to ensure that farmers can keep farming here.


Measure F was filed by three local farmers: Phil McGrath, Patty Waters and John Lamb. Their families have farmed the land here in Ventura County for a combined total of over 400 years.


Phil McGrath, McGrath Family Farms


Phil McGrath is a fifth generation farmer from Oxnard. McGrath family farms is located in Camarillo with a microclimate perfect for growing year round. A wide variety of seasonal organic produce is grown ranging from strawberries and baby vegetables to legumes and flowers. This is advantageous to sustainable growing methods of crop diversity and rotation. Phil and the McGrath family take great pride in supplying customers with the freshest organic fruits and vegetables that are harvested six times a week.

Phil and his family have been a staple of the Ventura County’s farming community for almost 150 years.  In addition to locally grown organic produce, McGrath Family Farms offer farm tours and specialize in farm education.  

Family farming in Ventura County is a tradition that Phil hopes to continue in perpetuity.  That is why Phil has joined two other local farmers with generations of tradition and experience to ask our community to support Measure F.  Let’s help keep farmers farming.


Patty Waters and Family

WatersFamilyEasterPatty Waters and her family have been farming since 1917 and she has been active in serving her community in various capacities her entire life.  For generations, they have farmed the land in Ventura County where they live and work.  Patty’s sons, Andy and Josh, are both local farmers and her grandchildren all talk about growing up to continue the family farming tradition.  She intends to make sure they can. That is why she is so passionate about Measure F and dedicated to helping local farmers keep farming. The Waters family are Certified Organic Farmers and part of Ventura County’s rich agricultural history and tradition which feeds thousands of people across the country with healthy, fresh food. Patty understands the unprecedented challenges that local farmers face and is asking for your help to make sure there are policies in place to give them the resources and protections they need to stop sprawl with sustainable agriculture.





John Lamb and Family


John Lamb and his family have a deep, rich history in Ventura County agriculture.  John’s mother’s, family, the Camarillos, arrived in Santa Barbara in 1834 with the Hijar Padres party, moving to Ventura in 1857.  In the 1875, they purchased Rancho Calleguas.  John’s father’s family came from Germany in 1832, arriving in Ventura in the early 1870’s. One of that ancestor’s first jobs was on a McGrath Farms bean thresher.   The Lamb family now farms avocados, lemons, mandarins, row crops and nursery crops on their ranch.  For seven generations, they have been farmers and stewards of the land here in Ventura County.  They hope this family tradition continues for many more.

Stop Sprawl with
Sustainable Agriculture